JCI Service Boat (Bateau service)

JCI Lemesos supports the JCI France project Bateau service.


The SERVICE BOAT program was first implemented by the French Local Chapter JCI Menton Roquebrune Cap Martin on the French Riviera. Since then the SERVICE BOAT program has expanded in the Mediterranean, becoming a JCI Community Project in many countries in the Mediterranean Sea area.







This project originated due to several reasons:


  1. Places in the Mediterranean ports are not in sufficient number for all the yachtsmen to enjoy the services from the port.
  2. Thus yachtsmen choose to remain outside ports.
  3. This deprives them of the services offered by the port (electricity, water etc.).
  4. This does not give them access to stores necessary for everyday consumption.
  5. This way of living on board causes pollution in the sea.


  1. Tourists rent all kinds of sea equipment (jets, boats, sea petal boats etc.)
  2. Sea is polluted by cans, bottles, paper (newspapers, magazines), plastic etc.

TOURISM on the Beaches

  1. In unorganized beaches that trash bins are not available all kinds of garbage finds its way into the sea.

The mission of the SERVICE BOAT is:

  • To collect floating garbage and garbage from the boats, tourists in the sea etc.
  • To organize the distribution of trash bags.
  • To explain recycling. – A flyer explaining recycling and the protection of the environment, to be distributed in order to create respect for the ecosystem.

Simultaneously, the Service Boat provides yachtsmen with simple services like offering them water, newspapers & magazines, biodegradable bags.







The benefit for the community:

Visual impact – This program contributes to the preservation of the landscape and to clean beaches.

Economic impact – The cleaning can represent an amount of several hundreds of thousands of euros for the community and thus for the taxpayer.

Biological – This program aims at preserving the marine life of the littorals. It may avoid the disappearance of some species of fish or aquatic plants from the sea.

Nautical activities – The SERVICE BOAT is also a guarantee of prosperity for other nautical activities: it facilitates comfortable fishing, swimming and sailing and thus guarantees high-standard, quality tourism.

More widely, the SERVICE BOAT contributes to arouse ecological responsibility among the yachtsmen, tourists and locals through an information campaign relayed all summer long.


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